Wendy is inspired by nature, the landscape and the sea. She enjoys creating both figurative and sometimes semi-abstracted forms, exploring allegorical and metaphorical concepts – the comic, the tragic and what resonates at a deeply personal level. She is more interested in self expression and communication rather than the commercial viability of any work.

Wendy creates work using a wide of media and techniques. This includes drawing materials, textiles, paint, stone, wire and plaster and reclaimed materials. She creates her work from initial sketches (always carrying a sketchbook), photographs and from memory. Recently she has begun to experience ‘plein air’ painting.

Wendy is a ‘third age’ artist who throughout her life has had sporadic periods of creativity of one sort or another (painting, drawing, sculpture). She grew up in Dorset but only returned to what she recognises as her ‘spiritual home’ in 2007.

After retiring from a full-time career she had more time and energy to be creative, recognising that every artist has their ‘Day 1’. In 2012 she studied for the Foundation Diploma in Fine Art at Weymouth College. She is also a keen conservationist regularly contributing to the restoration of dry stone walls, hedge laying and scrub clearing across the county.

More can found about Wendy’s work and processes on her infrequently updated blog