That’s Rich Artwork!

My name is Sam Zambelli (formerly ‘Sam Rich’) & I am a young local artist of varied styles. I live in Poundbury and work in Dorchester. My mother ‘Tina Rich’ is a published cartoonist who also does beautiful architectural pen & Inks. Together we create ‘That’s Rich Artwork’.

I’ve had a passion for art and drawing since the age of 5, due to my mother’s own talent & encouragement. This naturally developed into cartoons and caricatures as a teenager, as my mother was successful with cartoon strips. Now, despite working full time, I devote my spare time to drawing and painting, fulfilling requests for modern watercolours, personalised caricatures, children’s wall and baby name art. My mother has a large range of humorous cartoons but now also enjoys doing fine-detail pen & Inks of local & famous buildings & landmarks. These have sold all over the world.

I am passionate about using my artwork to support charities. In my younger years I built up a caricature collection of famous personalities, we decided I should sell photocopies of these for £1 each in a different location every weekend, and over a two-year period raised £35,000 for over 60 different children’s charities. As a result, I was honoured to receive the ‘Child of Achievement award’ (which Princess Diana was a patron of) from John Major in 1998 in recognition of this achievement. I was 16 years old at the time.

My dream now is to become as well-known again for my artwork, as I was whilst charity fundraising all those years ago. For our collective talent & passion to offer countless options for unique, personalised art for all budgets. Originals or prints. Serious or fun.

I hope you enjoy viewing our varied work. Please feel free to contact us with requests, however personalised or unusual and we will always be happy to discuss commissions.