Dirty Freighter



A trip to the beach can provide all sorts of objects that can re-combine to form some kind of art. Driftwood is the obvious material. I frame many of Carol’s pictures with it and make sculptures too. Seaglass can be used for tiny pictures as well as for simple necklaces.

The sad side is that much of what I collect used to be parts of someone’s boat – but at least it has a new life.

My day job was as a Psychology teacher and once I found half a plastic brain!

Virtually everything I use I have found – usually only the hanging fitting is new. Finding, sorting and arranging takes a lot longer than making.

Carol & I are in the March issue of Coast magazine! Pages 102 and 103 … and 104! Lots of photos by Antje Rook of Carol & I as well as photos of Carol’s work. We’re really pleased with it! You can find the article on their website too.

Open For Art 19 has happened and involved over 200 artists in more than 70 venues –  and we’re still busy with feedback, evaluation and admin!

Upcoming exhibitions from Carol and I include the Dorset Show in early September.