Pop Goes The Stitch

Welcome to Claire Mort Artist, AKA Pop Goes The Stitch.
My work is about the world around me and my experiences thus far. From social media and the changes in the world and people since I was little, to the #metoo movement, 100 years of suffrage, advertising, typography and everything in between.
My work although mainly female is not a feminist statement necessarily, as even though I have read and read and read… I am still not really sure I or anyone else really knows what that is. However I am female, and how I experience the world influences my work. I am a member of SEW, Society For Embroidered Work. The aim of S.E.W is to promote and support artists who have an element of stitching in their artworks, hand or machine and traditional or contemporary forms of embroidery. I am also a member of the Embroiderers Guild, and last but by no means least I am a member of Artwey, an amazing local arts society who exhibit and promote local artists in Dorset.