As a child it was a rare day if I wasn’t making or modelling some sort of art piece, from whatever I could get my hands on. My first commission was in my teens, when I was asked to make little mice wedding cake toppers for my friend’s older sister.

It is likely I inherited my artistic ability from my Spanish Grandfather, who until his late eighties, made incredible intricate model churches from card and cork to sell in a market in Barcelona. I have many artistic members of my family on both sides.

My first experience of working with clay and ceramic was when I did my GCSE art at school, I enjoyed every minute of it and was proud to often have my art work on display in the school foyer.

Nine years ago, I joined a pottery group in Weymouth. Since then I have been developing my own style and more recently, a range of hand-built Raku fired ceramics.

I now work from my own garden workshop in Weymouth, making primarily wall art for local art café’s and galleries.

My work is mostly influenced by the stunning local scenery such as Portland lighthouse and Weymouth Harbour and my lifelong love of wildlife.

My collection includes both costal and country inspired Raku fired pieces, such as Oystercatchers, Spotted Guineafowl and marine life.

My aim is to make unique bold pieces with an element of fun about them.

I love the unique rustic effect Raku firing creates, it’s always unpredictable and exciting as no two pieces ever come out the same.

I sometimes melt re-cycled glass into my work and often mount my ceramics on locally sourced driftwood, when I can get my hands on it!