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My DAW 2021 gallery/Belinda
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Thank you for visiting my Dorset Art Week online album. Here are a few examples of some of my Raku fired wildlife sculptures that I will be exhibiting at the Nothe Fort during DAW from May 21st to 31st. I am currently also working on some of my one off wall art pieces mounted on driftwood, that will also be ready for you to see during the exhibition. These include wall art pieces with raku fired ceramic trawlers, owls, kingfishers and oystercatchers. I am really looking forward to some normality and excited to be exhibiting with Artwey again. If you have any questions please feel free to message me directly on this website or via email at and I'd love to see you there.
@peepso_user_130(Hazel Smith)
I love your sculptures - they are both fun and beautiful and make me smile. I hope you do well at the exhibition and I look forward to seeing them in the flesh.
@peepso_user_38(Belinda Sales)
@peepso_user_130(Hazel Smith) thank you so much! 🤗
@peepso_user_130(Hazel Smith)
@peepso_user_38(Belinda Sales) you're very welcome

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