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I was born in Germany in and lived in the countryside near Cologne till my husband and I moved to the Isle of Portland in Dorset.
I have got a degree in Social Studies, Women's Studies and I'm a trained Psychotherapist, specialised in Art Therapy.
I was always keen to bring a creative element into my life to keep things balanced.
After working with stone for several years, sIhad to stop stone carving due to health problems and turned to working with textiles. I always loved the textures, the colours and the possibilities of fabric and fibres.
One of my deepest beliefs is, that being creative and making beautiful things is important for the soul. A great motivation is to make myself and other people happy with my art.
My work is very much inspired by my environment, but also by other people and my experiences, specially feminist matters. I use vibrant colours in my work, which ranges from small delicate pictures to large expressive displays
If possible, I try to work with recycled material and you can find me looking for interesting material on car boot sales and in charity shops.
I still live on The Isle of Portland with my husband and my 2 border collies, Ghwyny and Anwyn.

I'm a member of the Society for Embroidered Work, S.E.W.

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