Chairman, elected June 2015, formerly membership secretary.

I produce hand-sewn land and sea collage pictures, working with a range of new and old textiles.

I joined Artwey in 2009 and being part of this artistic community gave me the opportunity and confidence to exhibit within my locality and outside it. Being part of this community endorsed, encouraged and challenged me to develop and grow as an artist. I agreed in 2015 to take on the role of Chairman for the opportunity to give back.

There have been many exciting challenges since I took up the role in 2015 overseeing the development of a new web site and establishing, with my fellow director Olivia Nurrish, a new more inclusive style open studios event. This 2017 event involved over 80 artists throughout the region in 43 venues. We are planning on next one in 2019.

I am also a member of ABNA (Association of British Naïve Artists), with whom I exhibit.