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Who Can Take Part

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We reached out as far as Chilton Downs in the north, Martinstown in the west and Puddletown in the east. We would be looking to reach out a bit further this time without overlapping Purbeck Arts or Bridport areas. If you are in our catchment don’t be afraid to sign up as we will refund your money if you are not in a cluster of other artists in any of the outlying areas.

We loved having our non-Artwey colleagues involved and would hope you feel able to join us again. It was a challenge also to find venues for artists who lived a bit further afield and those who did not have their own studios; we will do our best to keep searching exhibition spaces out this time around.

If you can suggest anywhere or find your own venues that would be fantastic. We would also love to hear from local art groups as it would be great if you could join us. Please register your interest on the web site and you will receive regular (but not overly frequent) updates.
We have had more interest expressed this time in Poundbury, Dorchester and Abbotsbury and they are looking very likely as equally strong hubs alongside Weymouth and Portland. To the north east of Dorchester, Sculpture by the Lakes will be taking part which adds a great deal of interest to this area too.

If you have a studio/home/garage that you can use to display your work then we would love to hear from you as we would like to get together potential artists from the same areas so they can collaborate on opening times, publicity and any special events. The earlier these things can be planned the more effective you will be.