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Open For Art 2019 – Latest News

Right click on the logo above and select save or download, if you want a copy of the logo for your own publicity.
Right click on the logo above and select save or download, if you want a copy of the logo for your own publicity.

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Dates will be 18th May to 2nd June, – put them in your diary.
We have already started thinking and planning for this event and if you are interested in volunteering your help please get in touch with us osadmin@artwey.co.uk

Current plans

We are currently looking into involving young people and planning ahead for a launch. Hopefully we have taken on board some of the (few) changes you have fed back to us as we plan. A key point was that there needed to be more signs to individual venues and, with this in mind, we have raised the total cost to participate by £10 making it £85 for Artwey members and £100 for non-Artwey participants.

Who can take part

We loved having our non-Artwey colleagues involved and would hope you feel able to join us again. It was a challenge also to find venues for artists who lived a bit further afield and those who did not have their own studios; we will do our best to keep searching exhibition spaces out this time around.If you can suggest anywhere or find your own venues that would be fantastic. We would also love to hear from local art groups as it would be great if you could join us. Please register your interest on the web site and you will receive regular (but not overly frequent) updates.

Area covered

We reached out as far as Chilton Downs in the north, Martinstown in the west and Puddletown in the east. We would be looking to reach out a bit further this time without overlapping Purbeck Arts or Bridport areas. If you are in our catchment don’t be afraid to sign up as we will refund your money if you are not in a cluster of other artists in any of the outlying areas.

Social Media

#openforart19 is our new hashtag and we are delighted that Stephen Yates and Holly Benham have come on board to help organise us and promote us on social media.


We had a little money left over from last year which we will be using to kickstart and promote Open For Art 2019. We will be designing and printing postcards to advertise Open for Art 2019 which we intend to be available to artists and visitors alike during DAW.