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How can I take part?

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We would like to say at the outset that you don’t have to live in our designated area or be a member of Artwey to take part. It is an event for all visual artists.

Open for Art is just what it says: lots of varied venues opening their doors to display art – but we do know that many who visit appreciate seeing the artist in their working environment doing their art. So, whilst static displays are still perfectly acceptable, the optimum, where possible, is to offer a range of open studios in each area as well.

There are lots of options open to artists –

  1. Open your own studio
  2. Share your own studio with a fellow artist
  3. You could be that fellow artist. We currently have spaces for 3D artists, sculptures, ceramicists, wirework, jewellers. Contact us if interested in sharing
  4. You could take part in a group show. Currently we have 2 such great venues being organised at The Old Town Hall Weymouth and The Heights Hotel Portland. If you want to know more details, then contact us as there are limited places in both. We are still looking at more possibilities for group shows in the other areas: Dorchester, Poundbury, Abbotsbury
    The Heights Hotel: Antje Rook
    Old Town Hall: Julie Hackett (For Artwey members only)
  5. Exhibit in already manned spaces like cafes, pubs, restaurants and existing galleries. Last year we even used a solicitor’s office. There are options we can suggest that you can investigate if you contact us, or better still find your own. However remember that these options could go quickly and also that some possible spaces will only be contactable during the summer/autumn season

£100 for a quarter page in an A5 brochure. Artwey members get a discount and pay only £85.
Words will be limited so they don’t end up too small to read and you can have up to 2 images in there. Half page is £200 etc. Price is based on one venue, and the size of entry not the number of people in it.