Born and raised in a pit village on the Durham coast, a ten minute walk from what is now a National Trust owned bit of coastline.

 Czech father, hence the weird name.

Went to Bristol University and managed to get an Hons. BSc in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology. Studied Book and Periodical Production at the London College of Printing.

Many different jobs; printer , art shop manager, teacher and explainer at the Science Museum 

On February 29th 2012  ran away from home  and went to Kardamyli in the southern Peloponnese, initially for 3 months but it ended up being quite a bit longer. Oil paint dries very fast there.

 Now living in  Portland.


Main subjects: olive trees, Greece, sea, landscape, portraits, horses, nudes, cliffs……family, cats

Media: ink, acrylic, oil, watercolour ,gouache

I make prints from etched copper and steel as well as digital prints of my artwork .