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Membership Deal – 2017

What is the Artwey story?
Artwey is a Community Interest Company created in 2009 by the members to support visual artists working and exhibiting in the Weymouth & Portland area. We exhibit in Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester and further afield.

Who is part of Artwey
Our artists use a wide array of media and range in age and experience from professional artists through to those just starting to exhibit their work.

Who runs Artwey?
An elected core group run Artwey on behalf of its members, who have a say on all important decisions made.

Who can join Artwey?
Members must produce original “Visual Art”, which can cover a multitude of art-forms and craft practices. There is no selection procedure for membership and people of all levels of experience are very welcome. We welcome artists living or working in Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester and further afield, although it should be noted that most of our exhibitions are based around Weymouth.

  • Click the link below to view / download a pdf copy of the application form and email it to us, or go to the online form.

    Download membership application form
  • The annual subscription fee is £40 and is due by the end of January. If a member joins later in the year the fee will be £30 in May and in September, £20.Young artists under 25 can join for half these prices.

  • Please send a cheque made payable to Artwey CIC to the treasurer: Liz Bowers, 10 Old Parish Lane, Weymouth DT4 0HY, along with your address, e-mail address and telephone number.

    Payment can be made by bank transfer to Artwey, sort code 602335, account number 82147310;

    • Your place on this dedicated website. This brings your art to a wider audience, supplies links to your individual web site/Facebook etc (if you have them) and can be used to publicise any individual exhibitions you take part in and any workshops you run.
    • A wide range of exhibition opportunities. This includes permanent venues such as Oasis Café in Weymouth, The Engine Room in Dorchester and planned exhibitions throughout the year, Open Studios and pop up exhibitions.
    • The loan of equipment such as display boards, plinths, cabinets, hanging systems for use in exhibitions.
    • The opening of doors to a network of local artists and opportunities that arise from shared efforts.
    • Money off from art shops in Bridport, Weymouth and Dorchester.
    • Cover from our Public Liability Insurance if you participate in a group exhibition under the Artwey banner (doesn’t include other open studios or other multiple venue events).
    • Discount for members taking part in Open for Art.
    • Opportunity to advertise your courses and workshops on the web site.
    • Opportunity to advertise personal exhibitions on the web site.
  • You are strongly encouraged to sign up to the Artwey Google Discussion Group and Information Site. These are private web-based sites providing an on-line storage place for Artwey’s information and a message system which alerts members by e-mail, when information is posted on these sites.

    • All members are expected to supply 100 word cv and 4 images of their work to put on the web site.
    • All members are encouraged to attend the meetings, generally 2/3 per year.
    • All members are encouraged to help promote Artwey, to the public, potential new members and advertisers.
    • When exhibiting in a group show, members of that group take responsibility for the planning and cost of any additional promotional material and expenses needed. Tasks should be shared amongst those taking part.
    • Members taking part in Artwey run exhibitions are expected to send either a poster of the exhibition or images and explanatory text beforehand to Neil to advertise on the website.
    • Artwey is run by and for its members and so each member should consider volunteering to help in the running of Artwey and Artwey organised events
  • As well as this website, Artwey has a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page which all members are encouraged to use to increase awareness of the activities and find or request any additional information they might need. The Group is for Facebook users who want to discuss issues with other membrs and fans. The Page is the public interface and can be viwed without a Facebook account.