Landscape and Seclusion – Charles T Maher exhibition

Landscape painter Charles T Maher is to hold his first major solo exhibition and Degree Show entitled ‘Landscape and Seclusion’ @ White Stones Café/Gallery, Easton Portland from 6th August – 5th November 2017 The paintings mostly in oils with some mixed media focus on specific historical aspects of Weymouth & Portland; ancient ruins, local folklore, myths and legends while investigating the concept of seclusion, abandonment, regression and erosion. Charles’ work will also be complimented by replicas of prehistoric pottery from ceramicist Bill Crumblehome.

Exhibition Post Card
Exhibition Post Card

Charles’ art is directed by combining influences of aesthetic romanticism, abstract qualities of surrealism, gothic architecture, symbolism, lyrical poeticism and speculative realism. His paintings can figurative, impressionist, expressionist, semi-abstract or abstract; the abstracts being mostly derived from abandonment of subject matter in favour of geometric line, shape, tone and colour in respect of geological form and spatial context, capturing just the essence of topographical forms and atmospheric light. The core of this exhibition is based on two specific local historic areas; Sandsfoot in Wyke Regis and Church Ope on Portland.

“I am very much influenced by the artistic visual language of landscape; in the form of late Romanticism, Impressionism & post-Impressionism and the Neo-Romantics. I find myself particularly drawn to the mysterious quality of seclusion and secret places while striving to evoke a sense of ‘time and place’, particularly to the architectural qualities of old buildings and ancient ruins, old gnarled trees and ancient woodland – the heart and lungs of landscape. For me Landscape painting is about invoking a sensory perception of being in a specific time and place; apprising and acting as a launching pad for artistic visual metaphors”.

Landscape and Seclusion’ focuses on specific historical aspects of ancient ruins, local folklore myths and legends and investigates the concept of seclusion, abandonment, regression and erosion. Taking the viewer on a visual journey through secret and secluded places past and present, as depicted through the visceral language of painting; derived in response to nature, reality of time and space, ecological, geological and entropic topographical transformations of landscape.

The wider significance and concept of the theme of ‘Landscape and Seclusion’ is the accessibility to sensual perception, combined with the specific qualities of the chosen medium and artistic form, allowing the viewer to grasp the concept with his senses but also to provide specific sensory experiences of time and space; sensual perception is a particularly important aspect as it elicits direct emotions and triggers a pre-conceptual, physical mode of perception enabling the viewer to have a more immediate and intense experience.

“Within this body of work I have carried out my own interrogation into the landscape of this specific area of Dorset I call home”…… “It is these specific intrinsic qualities of poetic intimacy combined with a sense of human presence that this work instils; through my own interpretations of landscape that is in a sense, quintessentially English”. Charles T Maher 2017

Born and raised in Birmingham Charles spent most of his working life as an Engineer in the automotive and aerospace industries. Having always an interest in art, it was not until 2000 that he took up painting, completing a Diploma in Art and Design at UCE Bourneville Birmingham in 2004 (now Birmingham City University ) where he specialized in Fine Art Printmaking. Now living in Weymouth Dorset he is currently in his final year of a BA (Hons) Painting degree with the Open College of Arts.

You can find out more about Charles and his work on Facebook and on his website.